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Rev. Dr. Cyprien Afrika

Founder and President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

sereze - talking with Jesus ministries

Pst. Sereze Uwambajimana

Vice President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

Our Passion

"Our hearts are to see communities living with a passionate heart for the Gospel, forever transformed and equipped to take care of themselves, and to assist new disciples to meet their needs and those of others. We provide practical teachings and application in the principles of life from the Word of God that is focused on: Inner Healing Prayer, Biblical Counselling, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Retreat, Christian Life Coaching, Deliverance and Church Planting."

Transformation of Communities for God’s Glory! James 4:7-8,10

School Program

Christian leadership School of Impartation offers

Associate’s Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Earn Degree in “Christian Ministry” from Christian Leadership School of Impartation .
Prayers That Heal the Heart
“Are you tired of ineffective prayers for healing? Learn how you can experience complete healing of the wounds in your heart by applying specific prayers to each heart wound. These seven
supernatural prayers will allow you to use the language of the heart to break generational sins and curses, sever ungodly soul ties, replace negative beliefs with God’s promises, renounce inner vows, receive divine visions, break word curses spoken over you, and cast out every demonic stronghold that has connected itself to these inner wounds. We will teach you how to stay healed by guiding you in an intensive Bible meditation experience where you receive revelation knowledge from God, which closes the door so the adversary cannot return. ”