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Rev. Dr. Cyprien Afrika

Founder and President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

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Pst. Sereze Uwambajimana

Vice President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

Our Passion

"Our hearts are to see communities living with a passionate heart for the Gospel, forever transformed and equipped to take care of themselves, and to assist new disciples to meet their needs and those of others. We provide practical teachings and application in the principles of life from the Word of God that is focused on: Inner Healing Prayer, Biblical Counselling, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Retreat, Christian Life Coaching, Deliverance and Church Planting."

Transformation of Communities for God’s Glory! James 4:7-8,10

Christian Ministry concentration

The word “minister” very accurately describes the life of the believer for it includes two aspects in its origin and history: it is both “one who acts upon the authority of another” as well as a “servant.”

We are the ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, acting as His representatives and under His author­ity to establish and reveal His reign on earth as it is in heaven. But unlike the politicians and rulers of the world, we demonstrate our power by following the example of our Lord Who met the needs of His followers, even going so far as to wash their feet. By love, we serve one another.

Our Ministry concentration has four main objec­tives:

  1. A working knowledge of the Bible. This is a society that has lost its absolutes. We need to return to the Scriptures as a foundation for liv­ing. We cannot teach biblical principles with­out a working knowledge of the Bible. While we have no desire to be legalists, we must know the truth if we are to set people free.
  2. An intimate relationship with Christ. Handling the Word of God without a relationship with God can be deadly. The heart of ministry is rec­onciling people to God, returning them to the loving fellowship experienced in the Garden of Eden. It is out of our love relationship with our Lord that we are able to invite others to join us.
  3. A compassionate relationship with people. The entire ministry of Jesus flowed out of a compassion for others. So must ours. Our generation does not need more professional ministers, but it desperately needs men and women full of divine compassion.
  4. A balanced life. Serving God and serving peo­ple can develop a lopsided life. We need to be balanced, aware and rightly related to ourselves and to our families to do our best in ministry

There are as many ways to express a heart of service as there are uniquely formed and gifted believers and needy people. Don’t try to fit yourself into some job description that you believe encompasses the call to ministry. Release the Holy Spirit’s anoint­ing and creativity within you to bring everything that is uniquely “you” to serve those that only you can touch.


  • Certificate of  Christian Ministry
  •  Diploma of  Christian Ministry
  •  Associate of Christian Ministry
  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry

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