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Rev. Cyprien Afrika

Founder and President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

sereze - talking with Jesus ministries

Pst. Sereze Uwambajimana

Vice President, Talking With Jesus Ministries

Our Passion

"Our hearts are to see communities living with a passionate heart for the Gospel, forever transformed and equipped to take care of themselves, and to assist new disciples to meet their needs and those of others. We provide practical teachings and application in the principles of life from the Word of God that is focused on: Inner Healing Prayer, Biblical Counselling, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Retreat, Christian Life Coaching, Deliverance and Church Planting."

Transformation of Communities for God’s Glory! James 4:7-8,10

Be Both a Receiver and a Releaser

‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ (Matt 10:8)

Jesus’ disciples spent quality time with Him. Then, from that relationship, they gave to others (Mark 3:14).

It was their way of life, and a lesson they never forgot.

As Apostles, they later declared,
“Let others take that extra responsibility and those tasks!
We will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”
 (see Acts 6:4)

Spending time with Jesus continued to be their priority.

God has designed you to live in the same rhythm, of receiving and releasing—and over again.

So, if you have been giving more than receiving lately, know this:

You can only bear lasting fruit as you’re connected to Jesus, your Source. (John 15:5)